Kopakamata97 Kopakamata97 4 March 2014

'The Misadventures of the Walking Dead' Season One Episode Titles Announced

The remaining eight titles for episodes in Misadventures: The First Season have been revealed! They are:

  • 1.03 "We're Not Insane, We're Charismatic"
  • 1.04 "Somebody Help! Maggie's Got an Axe!"
  • 1.05 "Who Listed Carl on Craigslist?"
  • 1.06 "Daryl's a Black Market Lint Seller Again"
  • 1.07 "No Doppelgängers Allowed"
  • 1.08 "Ricky G. Rhymes in the House"
  • 1.09 "Everybody Loves Trailer Trash"
  • 1.10 "Nobody Likes a Marionette Wannabe"
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Kopakamata97 Kopakamata97 28 May 2013

"The Infection" to Receive a Canonical Re-Write

The AnimationCity planned series The Infection is set to get a canonical rewrite of everything defined so far. This is because there have been a number of factual faults that look terrible in the show so far. You can expect to see more action, more gore, and much more drama in the rewrite, as it is going to break away from the average zombie story and enter a new realm of a zombie apocalypse story. During the rewrite, we’re going to meet new characters, have new twists in the plot development, and so on.

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