Haliegh Kelly Myorgan
Physical Traits
Name Haliegh Kelly Myorgan
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Height 4'6"
Weight 260 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Life Born: June 5th, 2000 in Pussleville, California
Died: N/A
Occupation Student
Relations Sally Firmbottom (Friend)
Mellissa Deg (Friend)
Sophia Drumbeat (Mother)
Michael Myorgan (Father)
First Appearance "First Day of School" (First YouTube appearance - "Not So Merry Christmas")
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Voice Actor Mandalorian1428
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Haliegh Kelly Myorgan is a fun-loving girl born in Pussleville, California who moved to Hamtock, back to Pussleville, and later to Crosstown.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Haliegh Kelly Myorgan was born on June 5th, 2000 in Pussleville, California to Sophia and Michael Myorgan. The family later moved to Hamtock, California, located two hours away from Pussleville via drive. Having been born with an enormous buttocks that the one-year-old later affectionately named "Ol' Bum-Bum", her parents divorced and abandoned her after the orphanage refused to take her. Michael and Sophia left all of their belongings behind at the apartment with exception of the clothes on their backs.

Haliegh, approximately five years of age.

On Haliegh's second birthday, she took her tricycle, "Trikey", and rode back to Pussleville. Being that she was unable to drive, she sold the car to Smith Patterson, who paid $100,000 even despite Haliegh's $10 offering.

Vigorously pedaling her way to Moving Express, the movers told the girl that they would move everything for free considering her disposition. Haliegh moved into apartment C39 on the third floor of the Pussleville Apartments. There, she met Sally Firmbottom, a girl her age who lived directly across the hall from her.

After telling her life story to the Firmbottoms, the family felt bad for her and signed her up for Cutie Kisses Day Care, where Sally was already attending. The daycare's classes were led by Ms. Abigail Nippu, whom some of the little boys had nicknamed "Abby".

There, Sally and Haliegh quickly bonded and met other friends, such as Demo Deeji, a young girl from a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean (she later returned there). When they completed daycare, the two were enrolled in preschool, and later kindergarten. As Haliegh grew older and entered elementary school, she began to get bullied by Samuel E. Tirrek, who would poke fun at her large rear, especially since Ol' Bum-Bum grew larger in each passing year.

Since Haliegh considered Ol' Bum-Bum a sentient being, she thought that the comments would hurt his feelings, and she and Sally would often stood up to Samuel.

Seashell Elementary[edit | edit source]

Tirrek, like Haliegh and Sally, later attended Seashell Elementary. Ms. Nippu had been transferred there based on a request made by the Firmbottom family. Many of the students there teased Haliegh because of her strong bond with Ms. Nippu, along with Ol' Bum-Bum.

Since she thought giving a teacher an apple was cliché, Haliegh gave Ms. Nippu $10 every day, believing that her teacher was too worthy for some fruit to eat. At first, her teacher declined the offer, but Sally explained to her how Haliegh's feelings would be crushed if the gift was not accepted. When Samuel Tirrek found out, his teasing became even more brutal than before.

"First Day of School"[edit | edit source]

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On the first day of school for Haliegh's third grade class, she wakes up late and is forced to rush to get to school. She and Sally board a Pussleville School District bus and ride off to Seashell Elementary. There, Haliegh gives Ms. Nippu $10.

It is eventually revealed by Ms. Nippu that on the following day there would be an announcement. Everyone is excited. When Sally and Haliegh go home, they discuss what the announcement could be about. Haliegh goes to bed, and she has a dream that Ms. Nippu is transferring to a school 50 miles away. She wakes up screaming, and hears a knock on the door.

Outside, there are five members of the Ham Stew 4 Rent gang: Denby Holt, Chris Bugle, Ryan Belch, Rudy Moser, and Jared Teller. They demand that Haliegh give up her apartment so they can use it as a base. She leaves after being slapped by them.

"Not So Merry Christmas"[edit | edit source]

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Haliegh and her friends go to the Crosstown Mall in order to sit on Santa's lap. Both Sally and Mellissa are in front of her in line. When it comes time for her to sit on his lap, she asks for several items as Santa's lap begins to go numb from Ol' Bum-Bum. He ends up slapping her, and she runs off to her friends behind the barricade.

The girls go to Haliegh's house, where Annie Mulsworth and Mary Mariana bake cookies for everyone. She and her friends are in front of the fireplace when she proclaims, "Susan, you know the drill". Susan then proceeds to pour gasoline on the log, and Haliegh strikes a Billy Joe's Silly Matches 4 Kids. The house rocks with the explosion. Afterwards, she farts, creating an even bigger explosion.

Sally hangs her Great Grandmother's ornament at the very top of the Christmas tree, and the girls all get emotional. In order to complete Christmas, Haliegh puts a wreath around Ol' Bum-Bum's face. Five minutes later, Annie and Mary realize that the cookies are burning, and Mary accidentally tips over the tree into the fire.

It ignites and the ornaments are in ruin. Sally becomes rage-filled and near psychotic. Haliegh begins to believe she has ruined Christmas (even despite she caused none of the events), and becomes covered in Worry Crinkles. Everyone except for Sally is mad at her, each obtaining an angry face. Lisa, Amanda, and Annie are the first to turn on her, which causes Haliegh to run to her room in tears.

While there, she convinces herself that she can fix Christmas, and begins to work on it "montage style". After two failed attempts of calling Christmas tree stands, she realizes that she must chop down a living tree despite the fact it is completely against her beliefs.

Later that day, the girls return to the house under Haliegh's invitation. Sally is the first to apologize, followed by Annie offering to take the blame. Haliegh is completely forgiving of all of the girls. That night, the girls sleep over at Haliegh's house and are seen in their pajamas from above. On Christmas day, there are presents beneath the tree and snow is falling. Mellissa calls it the best Christmas ever, and they all enjoy the holiday together.

"Dependent on Independence"[edit | edit source]

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Haliegh and her friends, feeling hot, decide to lay around her living room on July 3rd, 2013. When Mellissa Deg proclaims it is only a day until Independence Day, the girls decide to buy fireworks at Extinguished Fireworks. There, she is pressured on buying different fireworks. The stand's operator, Jack Fubuki, then informs her about Parole Brand Fireworks, which are created at a high-security prison. She buys some.

Initially, Haliegh is going to pay for the fireworks, but Sally decides to cover it, having been given $100 to spend on groceries from her father. With the remaining $3.09, she buys a box of Yum Stenson's Marginal Bars from King Snake, a local bum.

Back at home, Haliegh makes lemonade for her friends, using rotten lemons and salt. When the girls taste it, there are mixed reactions. Susan, however says that it is the "nectar of the gods". After drinking, the friends proceed into the living room, where Haliegh peels off her clothes to reveal a patriotic jumpsuit that lies beneath. She breaks into song. Once it is over, Haliegh rips her clothes off again, this time, there is nothing underneath.

The next day, Haliegh takes her friends to the Crosstown Parade. She is most moved by the Globe Buns Association float. They return home to Haliegh's family room, where they continue to get drunk on Juicy Juice. It is then decided that they will host a block party.

That night, the party's guests begin to arrive. Bounty Dude brings fireworks to enhance to show. Before lighting the fireworks up, though, Haliegh makes a speech about Independence Day, and she clarifies that she wants to be known as "Captain Independence McFirework".

She launches the fireworks on top of Ol' Bum-Bum, which provides a disturbing and boring show for those in attendance. N.O. Waye notices professional fireworks, and everyone watches that instead.

"Trick or Trap!"[edit | edit source]

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"Bunny Comes Hopping"[edit | edit source]

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Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Haliegh had a very strong will for what she believed in, primarily being peace, love, and the helping of others. She thought that treating Ms. Nippu with a high amount of respect would, in turn, help her. The two had a very strong bond that couldn't be broken. Haliegh was known to have named inanimate objects and assume that they were living (examples of this include "Trikey", "Loungers", and "Lampy"). At some point, she told Sally "If my name wasn't Haliegh Myorgan, which would be a tragedy, I'd want to be named Prudence. Prudence Myorgan". This is in referrence to her alternate identity by the same name.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sally Firmbottom[edit | edit source]

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Having known each other since they were two years old, Sally and Haliegh possess a firm bond and care for one another. During their school years, it is expressed that Sally is a strong protector of her best friend, as she often defends Haliegh against bullies such as Samuel E. Tirrek and N.O. Waye. When Michael Lashian slaps Haliegh at the Crosstown Mall, Sally jumps into action and saves her.

Ms. Nippu[edit | edit source]

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Since Haliegh has been schooled by Ms. Abigail Nippu since her days at Cutie Kisses Day Care, the two have a near inseperable friendship. With such a tight connection, Haliegh and Ms. Nippu have often suffered problems from being split up. However, Abigail is not fully truthful with Haliegh, as she has never shared her rabbit hunting passion.

N.O. Waye[edit | edit source]

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N.O. Waye and Haliegh Kelly Myorgan had a rivalry ever since they met. N.O.'s need to constantly bully her caused her to have a need to form an entire group to try and fight him.

Bernard[edit | edit source]

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Bernard, the manager of the Pussleville Apartments, was known to have frightened Haliegh (not deliberately). However, she began to trust him after he assisted her in kicking out the Ham Stew 4 Rent gang. In the end, though, Haliegh moved to Crosstown, making their good-term relationship obsolete.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Haliegh is the main protagonist of the series
  • According to the Ol' Bum-Bum Trivia Quiz game, Haliegh knows someone who is suffering in their sleep. It is believed to be either Annie Mulsworth or Susan Ichabod Jr., though neither have been confirmed.
  • Haliegh has the longest hair of all of the Cutie Girlz.
  • She keeps many of the meaner girls she knows as friends even despite their behavior because of her kind nature. It is unknown if she is even aware of how mean they are to her.
  • So far, she is the only character to have been seen nude(briefly).
  • She is currently the only character to frequently sing.
  • The cause of her enlarged rear is "globe buns syndrome".
  • She is the first of many characters to be weird and/or hyperactive, followed by Sauron (Crazy Sauron), Fledge Flodge (Fledge Flodge), and many others.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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